Our Mission

A society where the most vulnerable and marginalized are equipped to transition out of acute poverty, build resilience, invest and thrive.

About Us

Tingathe is a non-governmental organization that partners with peri-urban communities to build wealth that sticks. We work with young people, community leaders, women in small businesses, and school-going young children to empower them with various skills that will enable them to thrive in their communities.

Latest News

Today has been an exciting day for us as we celebrated the graduation of our Children’s Life Skills Program in Mtandire, Lilongwe. A total of 124 children completed the program. Throughout their time with us, the children learned invaluable skills in self-awareness and personal development, communication and interpersonal skills, decision-making and problem-solving, health and well-being, […]

We were sure he would make a difference when he finished our program. During our visit to Kampini Community one morning, we were amazed by what we saw: his farm. When we asked about his inspiration to start, he said, “Since I was young, I wanted to be a farmer, but I didn’t know how. […]

If you are in Lilongwe and need beautiful flowers or tree seedlings for your home or community, head to Kanengo, near Salima turn-off. On the right-hand side, as you head towards Lumbadzi, you will find Samuel Kalisto. He is an alumnus of the Tingathe Vocational Training Programme (TTP). Samuel graduated with a specialization in Peri-urban […]

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Our Impact

Young people graduated from Tingathe Training Program since 2017.

Children graduated from Children's Life Skills Program since 2017.

Women graduated from Tingathe Geni (Women Business School).

graduated from Tingathe Children’s Life Skills Program.

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