About Us


Tingathe is a non-governmental organization that was established in 2016 that partners with peri-urban communities to build wealth that sticks. We work with young people, community leaders, women in small businesses, and school-going young children to empower them with various skills that will enable them to thrive in their communities.

Our Vision

A society where the most vulnerable and marginalized are equipped to transition out of acute poverty, build resilience, invest and thrive.

Our Mission

To provide a locally relevant and market-driven suite of urban enterprise options, connecting participants to basic services, developing savings and loans groups and building, deeper Community ties in peri-urban Areas.

Our Objectives

  • To Impart marketable skills, life skills, and provide mentorship to enable vulnerable youth to excel and thrive.
  • To Form Supportive and Collaborative networks with government, organisations and private sector.
  • To create opportunities for vulnerable youth and women in the Tingathe Programmes to lead in community development.

Our Core Values

  1. Creativity

    This organisation seeks to provide a safe space and support for vulnerable people to maximize their creative abilities.

  2. Empowerment

    This organisation endeavours to partner with vulnerable people and make the central to the change process as leaders and stakeholders in personal, business and social development.

  3. Growth

    This organisation seeks to provide participants with tools and opportunities to actively engage in sand commit to personal growth and management.

  4. Commitment To Success

    This organisation wishes to partner with participants to affirm and ensure that professional and financial success is achieved.

  5. Community

    This organisation This organistion believes in partnering with the community in finding sustainable community centered solutions that address challenges in holistic manner towards the development of the community.

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