Celebrating Menstrual Hygeine Day!

In celebration of this year’s Menstrual Hygiene Day, Tingathe joined forces with Ufulu Malawi and Purple Inc. to make a meaningful impact. This morning, we gathered at Kauma Primary School in Lilongwe for an enlightening session with schoolgirls. Our goal was to equip these young minds with knowledge, confidence, and understanding about menstrual hygiene.

Amidst smiles and open conversations, the session aimed to raise awareness about maintaining menstrual hygiene and shatter the societal stigmas surrounding this natural process. We firmly believe that it’s high time everyone, regardless of gender, embraces menstruation as a normal part of life.

The atmosphere was good, as the girls embraced the discussion with enthusiasm. At the end of the session, we proudly distributed menstrual cups and pads, empowering these girls with the tools they need to navigate their journeys with confidence.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, Ufulu Malawi and Purple Inc. for joining hands in this essential endeavor. Together, we’re sowing seeds of change that will blossom into a brighter, more informed future for these girls and their communities.

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