Empowering Change through Tingathe Geni

In our commitment to alleviate poverty and empower peri-urban communities in Lilongwe, Tingathe proudly presents the transformative Tingathe Geni (TG) Program. This innovative initiative is tailor-made to empower vulnerable individuals aged 20 to 40, who are either engaged in or aspiring to venture into micro and small businesses within their neighborhoods.

Central to our vision is an empowering participation ratio of 60/40 in favor of women and girls, a resolute step towards fostering gender equality and ensuring that they are at the forefront of community development.

The Tingathe Geni program is a comprehensive journey of growth, equipping participants with a diverse skill set that includes personal leadership, efficient business management, financial literacy, child protection, sexual and reproductive health awareness, as well as a deep understanding of human rights. Our aim is not just prosperity but empowerment, as participants harness these newfound skills to exponentially increase their income.

But that’s not all our participants will also delve into the world of environmentally conscious practices, learning about the production of charcoal briquettes and cooking oil.

The pictures below capture a snapshot of our dedicated learners from Kauma, diligently mastering the art of charcoal briquette production. These images speak volumes about the enthusiasm, determination, and potential that the Tingathe Geni Program brings to life.

Together, we’re sparking a revolution of change, forging brighter paths, and igniting a future of prosperity and self-sufficiency. Join us on this remarkable journey of empowerment!

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