Meet Chisomo Chapanikiza, a Peri-urban Horticulture Alumna from Tingathe’s Vocational Training Program.

Chisomo Chapanikiza is a household name in Kandiyani Village in the Area of Senior Chief Njewa in Lilongwe for offering training in compost manure making and mobile banking services, such as Airtel Money and TNM Mpamba, at his grocery shop. He started this after completing the Tingathe Vocational Training Program in April 2023 offered by Tingathe.

Through this program, Chisomo acquired agricultural, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills that have empowered him and enabled him to break free from poverty and unemployment, which affected his life. Chisomo earns over K240,000, approximately $142 monthly from his business, which he uses to provide basic needs for his family. Additionally, he allocated some of his earnings to complete the construction of his house, a project he started last year. Moreover, he invested in farm inputs such as seeds, labour, and pesticides for his agricultural ventures, where he has cultivated maize and soybeans.

During our visit to two of his farms, Chisomo shared with us how the Tingathe Training Program has transformed his life and community. He expressed that the program has enabled him to become an active member of his community, and his skills are making a positive impact. “The Tingathe Training Program has made me a reliable member of my community. For instance, through the skills I acquired in the Peri-urban Horticulture Course, I have been assisting people in making compost manure, as synthetic fertilizer is expensive and inaccessible to many. I felt compelled to support my community, as I believe it is our responsibility to initiate change,” said Chisomo.

Furthermore, Chisomo stressed how the entrepreneurial skills he gained at Tingathe have contributed to effective business management. Besides offering mobile banking services, he established relationships with companies like Airtel and TNM, who entrusted him with selling their products, such as sim cards, on their behalf. This reputation has made Chisomo a dependable figure in his community. He stressed the contrast between his past and present, attributing his transformation to Tingathe. He expressed gratitude towards the program for helping him realize his potential and providing him with a stable source of income which has made a shift from unemployment to earning over K240, 000 monthly.

“Before I joined the Tingathe Training Program, I lacked direction in life, but now I am focused. I am able to set clear goals and action plans, which are yielding positive results. I am optimistic about the future and remain committed to making a difference in my community,” he said.

Chisomo is one of several youths who have benefited from our program and are effecting change in their communities. He has become a role model for fellow youths at Kandiyani Training Centre, and we are happy to witness his success. We extend our gratitude to our esteemed partners, Imago Dei Foundation, Old Mutual Malawi, Azurit Foundation, and the Segal Family Foundation, whose support has been instrumental in transforming the lives of youths in peri-urban communities. Thank you, partners, for making a significant difference in the lives of these youths.

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