Meet James Nampanda, TTP Alumni

As you step into the compound of Falls Assemblies of God in Lilongwe, the hum of activity surrounds you. You hear children laughing and singing, men and women engaged in various activities, and if you head to the reception, you will likely be greeted by the friendly face of James Nampanda. His welcoming smile doesn’t just greet you; it lights up the entire room. James is the heartbeat of this organization, bringing warmth and positivity to everyone he meets.

But his journey to becoming the Office Assistant here is nothing short of extraordinary. It all started with a simple decision to enroll in Tingathe’s Hospitality and Service Management course.

Growing up in Area 36, a peri-urban area in Lilongwe, James always had big dreams but limited opportunities. He knew he wanted more from life, and when he heard about Tingathe’s Vocational Training program, he saw it as his ticket to a brighter future. James had the opportunity to acquire skills in office management, leadership, entrepreneurship, customer service, computer literacy, and more. With these skills, Tingathe prepared James to handle roles in the hospitality and service management industry.

After graduating, James’s career took off like a rocket. He worked at Santa Plaza as a Customer Assistant, and now he is with Falls Assemblies of God’s Organization. Impressed by his capabilities, they offered him the role of Office Assistant, trusting him with important tasks that keep the organization running smoothly.

Today, James is the go-to person for everything from offering administrative support in areas such as managing office supplies and maintaining inventory, organizing and scheduling appointments, meetings, and events, to handling correspondence, emails, and phone calls, drafting and proofreading documents and reports, and filing and organizing documents, both physical and digital, among others. He also serves as a point of contact between employees, clients, and visitors.

His friendly and hardworking character has made him an asset to Falls Assemblies of God’s Organization and Falls Bethesda Academy.

But for James, success is about more than just climbing the corporate ladder. It is about making a difference in the lives of others and giving back to his community. He often shares his story with his fellow youth, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and seize opportunities like he did with Tingathe’s vocational training program. Currently, James is able to differentiate between his life before joining Tingathe and now. Initially, he lacked some basic necessities of life, but now he can afford them. He is living a life of hope and has big plans for his future. Currently, he is purchasing maize which he wants to sell in the future, and he has already purchased 10 bags weighing 50kgs each. He is also planning to open a grocery store where he will be selling sugar and other commodities.

The story of James is proof of the power of vocational education for young people. From a student at Tingathe to the Office Assistant at Falls Assemblies of God’s Organization, James has proven that with determination and the right support, anything is possible. We are happy about James’s success and will continue working to improve the lives of young people in Malawi. So, the next time you walk into Falls Assemblies of God’s Compound and meet James, remember that behind that friendly smile is a story of resilience, ambition, and success against all odds.

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