Meet Mark Kabuluzi, TTP Alumni

Meet Mark Kabuluzi, a resident of Area 44 in Lilongwe, whose life was changed by the Tingathe Training Program. Mark had a deep passion for tailoring and fashion design, and he pursued it with great dedication throughout the program’s curriculum. During his training, Mark honed his skills in pattern-making, fabric selection, and intricate stitching techniques. He became more creative with each passing day, and eventually graduated from the program as a skilled tailor and fashion designer.

One of the highlights of Mark’s journey was when he joined a team that designed graduation gowns for his fellow students. This project not only showcased his technical ability but also his commitment to his community. His pride in contributing to his peers’ special day fueled his desire to make a positive impact through his craft. Mark was also part of the team that made Bags of Love which were donated to the Children’s Life Skills Program beneficiaries by Tingathe and Old Mutual in June of this year.

After completing his training, Mark set up a workshop at his home where he turned his aspirations into reality. With a reliable sewing machine by his side, he designs garments that blend tradition and modernity. The workshop has become a reliable source of income that not only supports his family but has also improved their quality of life. He expressed gratitude to Tingathe for giving him not just vocational skills but also a newfound sense of purpose and self-belief.

Mark’s success is a testament to his unwavering determination and the transformative power of vocational education. The Tingathe Training Program helped him master tailoring and fashion design, transforming his life and turning him into an inspiration for others. His journey from a novice to a skilled tailor and fashion designer is a shining example of the positive impact that vocational education can have on someone’s life.

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