Meet Ruth Macheso, Tingathe Vocational Training Program Alumna

On January 30, 2024, we visited one of our Tingathe Training Program alumni, Ruth Macheso in Kauma, to check on how she has started the year and wish her a happy new year. We found her at her workshop where she practices tailoring and fashion design, skills she acquired through our program.

During the visit, we had the privilege of hearing how the Tingathe Training Program changed Ruth’s life. She shared her story of growing up in poverty, struggling to access basic needs such as clothes and food. This financial hardship also hindered her educational journey, preventing her from pursuing higher studies. Ruth felt a lack of direction and a sense of hopelessness about her future.

In 2022, she learned about the Tingathe Training Program, a vocational education initiative aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty among the youth. Attracted by the program’s focus on providing opportunities to young people who may not have completed their secondary education, Ruth saw a chance to change her life and challenge societal perceptions of those facing educational barriers due to poverty.

After enrolling in the Tingathe program and graduating, Ruth began saving money, which enabled her to establish a workshop for her business. She proudly shared that Tingathe had changed her from an unemployed young woman into a self-employed individual. Ruth expressed her joy in waking up every morning to prepare for work, a routine she never had before. Her workshop provides her with financial stability and serves as a sanctuary that keeps her occupied and away from potential pitfalls of youth life.

Ruth stressed that the income from her business now allows her to access basic necessities that were once challenging to obtain. She can afford clothes, food, pay rent for her house, and support her family. Moreover, Ruth has ambitious goals for her future. She aspires to become a successful fashion designer with a large workshop where she can employ other young people.

This success story is exciting for us at Tingathe. Ruth’s change from dependency to financial independence is a proof to the impact of our program. We are motivated to continue our efforts to improve the lives of young people in peri-urban communities because we recognize them as potential change-makers. Ruth’s story echoes our mission to empower individuals to become job creators, addressing the issues of poverty and unemployment that have affected our country.

Ruth is now a recognized and successful woman in her community. She is an inspiration to other women. Her dream of opening a workshop to employ fellow youth is in line with what we preach. We empower young people to be proactive in reducing the challenges of poverty and unemployment in the country.

To carry out this work effectively, we partner with organizations, companies, and individuals who share our mission and values. You can contribute to this cause by providing support in the form of resources, including financial contributions, desks, sewing machines, and more. These resources will help us reach out to more vulnerable young people, just like Ruth. Connect with us through our Facebook page, email, or by calling us at +265 885826611 or +265990725982. Your support can make a difference in the lives of those we aim to assist.

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