Meet Vida Mtonya

When Vida Mtonya learned that she was selected to benefit from this year’s Tingathe Geni Program by Tingathe, her excitement soared. She knew this opportunity was her ticket to a brighter future in the business world. Throughout the program, Vida has shown commitment to learning business concepts from her trainers. Her motivation comes from a desire to enhance her ventures—second-hand clothes and shoes, as well as a salon business, which, though operational, have suffered from inadequate management due to a lack of skills.

We had the pleasure of meeting Vida and her fellow participants during our visit to the Mtandire community centre yesterday. They were engaged in practical training on eco-briquette production, a key component of the Tingathe Geni Program. Vida has already begun applying the knowledge she gained from the program to her businesses. She is confident that these skills will enhance her business performance and uplift her life and community.

Previously, Vida managed her businesses without much understanding, but now she sees a change. She admitted that initially, she was ignorant of the importance of customer care, financial savings, business planning, and market identification, among other important business skills.

In the photo below, you can see Vida cutting eco-briquettes shortly after production. We are excited to witness the progress Vida and her fellow women are achieving through this program.

The Tingathe Geni Programme aims to empower vulnerable communities by promoting entrepreneurship, with a particular emphasis on supporting women and youth involved in or aspiring to engage in micro and small businesses.

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