2024: A Year of Growth for Tingathe

By Martin Mbewe  |   6 February 2024 |   0 Comments

2024 is a year of growth at Tingathe. We have various activities happening. One of the big projects that we have this year is the construction of the Tingathe One Stop Centre in Mtandire, where we will bring all our innovative training courses and programmes under one roof beginning June 2024. The center will have […]

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Meet Ruth Macheso, Tingathe Vocational Training Program Alumna

By Martin Mbewe  |   5 February 2024 |   0 Comments

On January 30, 2024, we visited one of our Tingathe Training Program alumni, Ruth Macheso in Kauma, to check on how she has started the year and wish her a happy new year. We found her at her workshop where she practices tailoring and fashion design, skills she acquired through our program. During the visit, […]

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The Impact of Collaboration on Youth Empowerment and Development

By Martin Mbewe  |   26 January 2024 |   0 Comments

Today, we take a trip down memory lane to January 2023, when Tingathe, in collaboration with Link Community Development Malawi, conducted orientations for the 2023 cohort of the Tingathe Training Program (TTP), resulting in the graduation of 50 young individuals. At Tingathe, we strongly believe in the power of partnerships, as they offer opportunities for […]

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Tingathe Donates 100 Bags to Vulnerable Children

By Martin Mbewe  |   24 December 2023 |   0 Comments

As part of celebrating Christmas, Tingathe has donated 106 waterproof bags to vulnerable children in Mtandire and Kauma communities in Lilongwe through the Bags of Love Project. This initiative aims to provide essential waterproof bags to children in need. These bags serve as more than mere accessories; they act as protective shields against rain and […]

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Tingathe Training Program’s Impact on Patrick Wilijoni

By Martin Mbewe  |   11 December 2023 |   0 Comments

“Maintaining singular focus is important when pursuing a dream, as it proved instrumental in achieving my goal of becoming a commercial farmer. The Tingathe Training Program equipped me with valuable insights, including ‘Leopard’s Secret,’ which emphasized the importance of commitment. Like the leopard, I learned to patiently plan and move towards my goals, never relenting […]

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Tingathe Graduates 85 from Tingathe Geni Program

By Martin Mbewe  |   24 November 2023 |   0 Comments

Yesterday was an exciting day for Tingathe because we celebrated the graduation of 85 participants from the Tingathe Geni Program. The graduation ceremony took place at our Mtandire community office in Lilongwe, and it was a very joyous event. Among the graduates were groups of women and young individuals who are currently involved in or […]

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Tingathe Training Program Transforms the Life of Jaqueline Komboni

By Martin Mbewe  |   9 November 2023 |   0 Comments

In our recent journey of visiting our alumni in their communities in Lilongwe, we were privileged to meet Jacqueline Komboni at her home in Kauma. Jacqueline is a graduate of our Tingathe Training Program in Tailoring and Fashion Design, and she shared her story of transformation. Growing up as a young woman, Jacqueline initially aspired […]

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Meet Elias Mbewe: An Entrepreneur From Mtsiliza, Lilongwe

By Martin Mbewe  |   26 October 2023 |   0 Comments

At Tingathe, our mission is to create a society where the most vulnerable and marginalized individuals are empowered to transcend acute poverty, fortify their resilience, invest in their futures, and ultimately thrive. To fulfill this mission, we collaborate with young people, community leaders, women involved in small businesses, and school-going children. Our aim is to […]

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Empowering Youth through Vocational Education

By Martin Mbewe  |   19 October 2023 |   0 Comments

In Kauma Community in Lilongwe, transformation is taking place. Juliet Enock, a beneficiary of the Tingathe Training Program, is sharing her story of how this initiative has brought significant positive change to her life and family. Juliet Enock, like many in her community, had a burning passion for tailoring and fashion design. However, her dreams […]

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Tingathe Children Visit Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

By Martin Mbewe  |   28 September 2023 |   0 Comments

In our quest to nurture the next generation of environmental champions, we had an educational visit to the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre yesterday, alongside participants of the Tingathe Children’s Life Skills Program.  During the trip, the children explored the heart of a protected nature reserve, immersed themselves in the beauty of indigenous forests, and connected with […]

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