Tingathe Programmes

The Tingathe Poverty Graduation model aspires to engage with youth in and out of school in their individual and collective journey towards self-reliance and socio economic wellbeing. We focus on equipping young people with the capacity to make well informed decisions and about their present and future and find their position as leaders that are integral to the positive transformation of their communities from poverty to prosperity.

Tingathe Training Programme

This program has been designed to prepare out-of-school youth in peri-urban zones of Lilongwe, Malawi for a productive community life. The mission is to equip youth who were unable to complete secondary school or have completed secondary school but are unemployed with marketable skills to start enterprises or find employment and thrive in the employment […]

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Tingathe Children’s Life Skills Programme

The Children’s Life Skills Programme has been designed as an intervention for children in and around Mtandile, Mtsiriza, Piyasani, and Kauma catchment areas. This programme engages children between the ages of 6–10 and 12–15, respectively, in a life skills-building programme during the school holidays, when children are more likely to engage in or be coerced […]

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Tingathe Geni Programme

The Tingathe Geni programme has been designed to engage vulnerable people, with a 60/40 participation ratio in favor of women from the age of 20 to 40 in the community who are conducting or aspiring to conduct micro and small businesses. The six-week training covers an 18-session module that equips peri-urban people with personal leadership, […]

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Tingathe TEVET Clubs In Secondary Schools Programme

The Tingathe TEVET clubs introduce adolescents in secondary school to basic vocational training in Carpentry and Joinery, Arts and Crafts, Tailoring, and Peri-urban Horticulture to foster an interest in TEVET sector work as a viable career option post-graduation from secondary school. To further equip young people with the capacity to thrive as leaders in the […]

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Community Leaders Engagement Programme

The Community Leaders’ Engagement Programme engages community leaders in quarterly community mapping and planning sessions. Tingathe currently engages over 60 community leaders from the Lilongwe West, East, and North catchment areas, from where we recruit students for the Tingathe Training Programme. We maintain collaborative and impactful relationships with these community chiefs and rely on them […]

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