Tingathe Celebrates Graduation of 52 Children from Kauma Community in Lilongwe

The joyous atmosphere in Kauma Community today marked a significant milestone as we celebrated the graduation of 52 children from the Tingathe Children’s Life Skills Program. This transformative initiative has equipped these young individuals with essential life skills, setting them on a path toward a brighter and more empowered future.

During the graduation ceremony, the community had the privilege of listening to Chifuniro Lungu, the Program Coordinator at Ladder to Learning, who also had the honour of being the Guest of Honour at the event. In her address, Lungu urged the graduates to translate the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the program into practical use in their daily lives. She commended Tingathe for its dedication to imparting valuable skills that will serve as building blocks for the children’s success.

“This graduation is not just an end, but a new beginning for all of you. The skills you have gained here will be your compass as you navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead,” Lungu remarked. Her words resonated with the graduates and the community, igniting a sense of purpose and determination among the young minds.

The success of this graduation is just the beginning of Tingathe’s commitment to transforming lives. Another inspiring graduation is scheduled for Thursday, August 31, 2023, in Mtandire, where more children will celebrate their journey of growth and learning.

We are excited about the accomplishments of the graduates. We acknowledge the hard work and dedication they put into the program. We extend gratitude to all the volunteer facilitators and partners who played a pivotal role in making this initiative a success. Your support has been instrumental in creating opportunities for these children to thrive.

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