Tingathe Donates 100 Bags to Vulnerable Children

As part of celebrating Christmas, Tingathe has donated 106 waterproof bags to vulnerable children in Mtandire and Kauma communities in Lilongwe through the Bags of Love Project. This initiative aims to provide essential waterproof bags to children in need. These bags serve as more than mere accessories; they act as protective shields against rain and sleet, ensuring the safety and dryness of the children’s belongings.

What makes this project more special is that these Bags of Love were crafted by young artisans from peri-urban areas who received informal vocational training through the Tingathe Training Program. These bags are crafted using recycled and reclaimed materials, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Tingathe expresses gratitude to Duwa Mutharika, Carla Meafukirwa Michele Bezuidenhout, Bags of Love, as well as all individuals who generously donated for their invaluable contributions to the success of this project. Their support has made the Bags of Love Project possible and has also brought smiles to the faces of the children in need.

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