Empowering Women and Peri-Urban Communities through Entrepreneurial Skills

The journey of empowering women and peri-urban communities is going well at Tingathe. Following commencement of classes for this year’s first cohort of the Tingathe Geni Programme some weeks ago, we are excited to share that progress has been made as participants have begun practical sessions for their three-week training.

In the image above, participants in Mtandire are engaged in learning the process of producing eco-friendly charcoal briquettes using rice husks. The Tingathe Geni Programme was designed to empower vulnerable communities and promote entrepreneurship, with a special focus on supporting women, and youth engaged in or aspiring to engage in micro and small businesses. The programme comprises a six-session module covering topics such as personal leadership, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, as well as eco-friendly charcoal briquette and cooking oil production.

Following the training, participants will be grouped and provided with access to machinery at our community offices, enabling them to initiate the production of charcoal briquettes. This access will enable them to kickstart production processes, yielding immediate returns and contributing to the ecological well-being of the community.

Tingathe courses continue to be tailored towards building capacity amongst target groups such as women who own businesses and the youth to become change makers in their communities.

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