Tingathe Facilitates Community Leaders Engagement Meeting in Mtandile

Today, we hosted a community leaders engagement meeting with leaders from Mtandile and surrounding areas at our community center in Mtandire. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen relationships with these leaders.

We were privileged to have Malawi’s Former Inspector General of Police, Loti Dzonzi, as our guest of honour. In his speech, he urged the communities to model the kind of life they want for their communities. Additionally, he advised the community leaders to ensure the sustainability of the projects that Tingathe and other organizations are implementing in their areas. He highlighted a common issue where projects only thrive while organizations are present, but collapse once they move on to different communities.

At Tingathe, we aim to implement programmes that create lasting sustainability, improving people’s lives permanently. Community leader engagement meetings are crucial for our organization as they facilitate collaboration, foster mutual understanding, and ensure our initiatives align with the community’s needs and aspirations. Direct interaction with influential community leaders allows us to identify key issues and develop sustainable solutions.

Present at the meeting were notable figures such as Senior Chief Njewa, religious leaders, community policing representatives, block leaders, and leaders from community-based organizations.

We conducted the meeting under the theme, “Fostering Community Partnerships for Progress.

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