Tingathe Forms Partnership with Pakhonde Drama Group

At Tingathe, we believe in working together with others to make a difference. That is why partnership is one of our core values. When we team up with others, we can do more good things than we could do alone.

We are happy to share that we have entered into a partnership with Pakhonde Drama Group. This partnership will help us implement our programs such as Tingathe Geni, Children’s Life Skills Program, and Tingathe Training Program. Through Tingathe Geni, we will advocate for important issues like using eco-friendly charcoal briquettes, gender equality, ending gender-based violence, promoting women empowerment, and community development.

In the Children’s Life Skills Program, Pakhonde Drama Group will use the power of storytelling through drama to teach children valuable life lessons. From resolving conflicts to combating child abuse and labor, and empowering them to make good choices in the face of negative peer pressure and substance abuse, they will engage children in interactive learning experiences.

While, in the Tingathe Training Program, they will help us advocate for the importance of Technical Vocational and Education Training (TEVET) among young people and the country’s development.

We are excited about this partnership and look forward to the positive impact we will make together by reshaping mindsets through the medium of drama.

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