TG Programme Classes Commence

We are excited to announce the commencement of classes for this year’s first cohort of the Tingathe Geni Programme, which began today with 72 participants. This three-week training programme was designed to empower vulnerable communities and promote entrepreneurship, with a special focus on supporting women, men and youth who conduct or aspire to conduct micro and small businesses.

The program covers a six-session module, providing beneficiaries with essential knowledge and skills in personal leadership, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, as well as eco-friendly charcoal briquette and cooking oil production.

After the training, participants will be grouped and provided with access to machinery at our community offices. This access will enable them to kickstart the production of products such as charcoal briquettes, which yield immediate returns and contribute significantly to the ecological well-being of the community.

We firmly believe that the training will empower beneficiaries to grow their income and succeed.

We are enthusiastic about the commencement of the programme and look forward to seeing the progress and success of our beneficiaries as we work together to build wealth that sticks.

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