Exciting Announcement!

Tingathe is all set to convene a significant meeting with esteemed community leaders from our catchment areas of Mtandire, Senti, Kauma, Chitipi, Area 49, Area 50, Area 51, Mgona, and Piyasoni TOMORROW! The gathering will be hosted in Mtandire, a perfect setting to come together and shape the future.

The primary aim of this meeting is to foster even stronger bonds with our invaluable community leaders. Through collaborative discussions, we will collectively evaluate the impact of our transformative programs within their communities. At Tingathe, we deeply cherish the relationships we share with these leaders. They serve as steadfast advocates and champions of our initiatives, playing a crucial role in the enduring behavior change efforts that we implement in their neighborhoods.

We are excited to nurture these partnerships, which continue to be the bedrock of our mission.

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