TTP Alumnus Chikondi Banda Turns Passion into Profit

We were sure he would make a difference when he finished our program. During our visit to Kampini Community one morning, we were amazed by what we saw: his farm. When we asked about his inspiration to start, he said, “Since I was young, I wanted to be a farmer, but I didn’t know how. Joining the Tingathe Training Program finally gave me the skills to turn my dreams into reality.”

Meet Chikondi Banda, an alumnus of the Tingathe Training Program. Originally from Njewa Area in Lilongwe, Chikondi has established a farm in Kampini Community, Mitundu. He grows various crops there like beans, Irish potatoes, sugarcane, sweet potatoes, onions, cabbages, and bananas.

Growing up in Njewa, Lilongwe, Chikondi faced unemployment and lacked information on improving his life, making him feel hopeless. But everything changed when he learned about our vocational training program.

Driven by his passion for agriculture, Chikondi joined the program to study Peri-Urban Horticulture. He learned modern farming techniques, business management, and sustainable practices. During our visit to his farm, he told us the program reignited his dream and gave him the skills to succeed in agriculture.

After graduating in April 2022, Chikondi moved to this community in Mitundu and started his farm. Starting small, his farm thrived under his care and innovative methods. He used organic farming methods learned during our training to grow beans, Irish potatoes, sugarcane, sweet potatoes, onions, cabbages, and bananas.

In November 2023, Chikondi earned 3.5 million Kwacha after selling Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beans. He bought a car with the money which assists him in transporting farm produce and helping with farm work.

Chikondi’s success is not just economic. His farm provides jobs for youth in his village, reducing unemployment and he pays school fees for two students, ensuring they get the opportunities he once dreamed of.

One of Chikond’s employees irrigates beans

He also helps his community by teaching sustainable farming methods and offering free workshops, which have improved agriculture and livelihoods in Kampini village.

Chikondi reflects, “Tingathe gave me tools and confidence to pursue my dreams. Without you, I wouldn’t know where to start. Now, I live my dream and help others. It’s a blessing.”

As we were leaving Kampini Community, we were inspired by Chikondi’s achievements. The Tingathe Training Program is changing communities and lives. Chikondi’s contributions give us confidence that we are advancing Malawi’s Agenda 2063.

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