Tingathe Training Program Transforms the Life of Jaqueline Komboni

In our recent journey of visiting our alumni in their communities in Lilongwe, we were privileged to meet Jacqueline Komboni at her home in Kauma. Jacqueline is a graduate of our Tingathe Training Program in Tailoring and Fashion Design, and she shared her story of transformation.

Growing up as a young woman, Jacqueline initially aspired to become a nurse, but her family’s financial struggles dashed her dreams. She then set her sights on a career in tailoring and fashion design, but again, her family’s poverty seemed insurmountable. Jacqueline heard about several schools in Lilongwe offering programs in tailoring and fashion design, but the burden of school fees remained an obstacle.

Fortunately, in 2022, luck shone upon Jacqueline as she received an opportunity to join the Tingathe Training Program to study Tailoring and Fashion design. Throughout her journey at Tingathe, Jacqueline demonstrated commitment to the program. She tirelessly practiced her craft both during school hours and after to improve her tailoring skills, with the dream of one day opening her workshop upon graduation.

Upon completing her studies at Tingathe, Jacqueline rented a sewing machine. Without delay, she started her workshop, crafting a wide variety of clothing for both men and women, along with stylish bags, including Toti bags.

Jacqueline now reflects on her life before and after joining the Tingathe Training Program. Previously, she struggled to afford necessities like clothing and food. She shared that her family’s economic difficulties prevented her from pursuing higher education and attending college. Her parents could not cover her school fees or those of her siblings. However, Jacqueline refused to abandon her dream of becoming a tailor and fashion designer, believing that vocational education held the key to lifting her out of poverty. Today, she proudly says that she is no longer struggling to access some necessities of life. Her business provides her with the means to afford food and clothing for herself and her family. What is more, she is now able to pay the school fees for her younger sister, who attends Mkwichi Secondary School in Lilongwe.

Jacqueline stands as living proof of the transformative power of vocational education. She says, “I represent the positive impact that vocational training, such as that offered by Tingathe, can have on young people’s lives.” Her sentiments align with our own; we firmly believe that vocational education plays an essential role in shaping the future of youth, fostering entrepreneurship, promoting employment, and contributing to community development.

This belief drives our commitment to partnering with vulnerable young people from peri-urban areas to empower them with various vocational skills, mirroring Jacqueline’s success story. Our foremost priority is to enhance the lives of vulnerable young people from peri-urban communities.

It brings us immense joy to witness young individuals like Jacqueline living contented lives, supporting their families, and actively contributing to the development of their communities. However, the mission to improve the lives of young people is a collective effort. Hence, we place great value on partnerships, as it was with the support of various partners that we were able to provide training to Jacqueline. We extend an invitation to all those willing to support us with materials that can help us reach even more young people, whom we firmly believe will play a crucial role in the country’s development as we work towards achieving the goals of Agenda 2063.

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