TTP Graduation

This morning, we held a graduation for our Tingathe Training Program Class of 2022–23, where a total of 55 students graduated from the program with certificates in Carpentry and Joinery, Bricklaying, Tailoring and Fashion Design, Arts and Crafts, and Peri-Urban Horticulture. Of the 55 graduates, 14 pursued Carpentry and Joinery, three pursued Arts and Crafts, eight pursued Peri-Urban Horticulture, nine pursued Bricklaying, and 21 pursued Tailoring and Fashion Design.

If there were two words that our team would use to describe the event, they would be inspiring and exciting.

In his speech, the Presidential Advisor on Youth, who was the guest of honour at the event, Honourable Lucius Banda encouraged the graduates to be courageous and innovative when they go out there. He also enlightened the audience with his remarkable life story and career journey, emphasizing the power and importance of living a determined life.

In her opening speech, the Executive Director of Tingathe Sarah Lindeire commended the students for their hard work and thanked all the partners of Tingathe for their support, and for making this program a success. She, however, urged the graduates to go out there with an entrepreneurial spirit so that they could contribute to the development of the country.

Congratulations to all the graduates! Tingathe wishes you luck in your new beginnings.

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